Bet with The Best Podcast

Bet With the Best Podcast E10

Episode Summary

In this episode of the podcast, sponsored by AmWager, we talk with author and horseplayer, Andrew Beyer, about the insights on betting horse races that he has gained throughout his legendary career.

Episode Notes

Highlights/timestamp for Bet With the Best Podcast Episode 10 with Andrew Beyer Sponsored by AmWager

3 – Origin story 

7:30 – Birth of Beyer Figures

11:30 – How to crush the races for almost 20 years

19:30 – Punching a hole in the wall of the GP press box

22:20 – Knowing when you have an edge and when you don’t

26:36 – Playing the “traditional” P6

32:00 – Jackpot P6 – the worst bet in racing

38:30 – Cashing in on track biases and trainer patterns

41:30 – Focus on the big score

43:30 – Form your opinion then target pools and not vice versa

46:00 – Attacking a vulnerable favorite

47:40 – Leveraging a value horse

49:20 – Is Andy going to write another book?

52:10 – How to improve racing